J. Douglas Adams Middle School


California Junior Scholarship Federation


1.  7th graders: Please save your Spring 2018 Quarter 4 report card. You will need this to apply for CJSF in August no later than 2:50 pm on Friday, August 24.  Pick up your application in Room 53 after winter break, the student office or download from the calendar >> click on the event information on January 26 to download the CJSF application. 

2.  8th grade may begin logging your community service hours for CJSF Honor membership with distinction (and earn a gold cord for promotion). 20 hours are due by Friday, April 13, 2018 at 2:50 pm. Any hours that you are receiving credit for in a class or completing as a personal benefit fundraiser (ie. TA, Leadership) do not qualify, with the exception of Boy Scout tree pick-up hours as they are also doing a service for our community.

3. Sign up for Text Reminders: https://www.remind.com/join/amscjsf


Please note:  Mrs. Kennealy is available in Room 53. 


Our 2017-18 Officers are:

Selam., President

Jocelyn, Vice President

Janisha., Secretary

Shenran, Treasurer


FAQ – California Junior Scholarship Federation – Chapter #1279


What is CJSF?

The purpose of the California Junior Scholarship Federation,a statewide organization of over 600 chapters, dedicated to high standards of scholarship, service, and citizenship. Per CJSF statewide qualification standards - this club is open to qualifying 7th and 8th graders (based on 7th and 8th grade grades).


What are the benefits of CJSF membership?

CJSF prepares students for CSF membership in high school.  Membership also brings with it the opportunity to earn scholarships for college and participate in activities which benefit the school, the community, and the student.


What do I need to turn in by 2:50 PM FRIDAY, August 24, 2018 to apply for CJSF?

  • $5.00 donation
  • A minimum of 2-A’s and 2-B in your core subjects each quarter (Language Arts, Math, Social Studies, and Science)
  • Your report card from Spring 2018 Quarter 4 (showing Q3 & Q4 grades)
  • CJSF application

Note:  7th graders - you must reapply again next semester (based on Quarter 3 and 4 grades of Semester 2 of the 2017-18 school year) in August, 2018.


Why don't you accept late or incomplete applications?

PLEASE TURN IN APPLICATION EARLY! Incomplete applications will not be accepted and cannot be corrected after the deadline. In the laws of the state organization of CJSF it specifically states that late applications may not be accepted. Chapters that do so can lose their membership. Turning applications in on time is part of being in CJSF. Please plan ahead, stay informed, watch the news at school, and don't forget!


What activities may CJSF members participate in?

  • B-Lunch meetings once a month in the Drama Room (room 53) - sign up for text reminders
  • Group or individual community service activities.
  • An activity or reward each semester of your membership.

What is Honor Membership?

To obtain honor membership, you must qualify and apply for membership in 3 out of the 4 semesters of your seventh and eighth grade years.


What awards do CJSF members receive?

Honor members will receive the following awards at the end of 8th grade:

  • An honor certificate of recognition, membership pin, and the CJSF gold seal for your promotion certificate.
  • In addition to being an honor member, if you complete a minimum of 20 approved community service hours by April 13th of your 8th grade year, you will receive a gold honor cord to wear at 8th grade promotion.

What happens if I receive a referral or suspension when I am a member of CJSF?

  • A referral or suspension for ANY reason will result in your CJSF membership being revoked for the semester during which the disciplinary action took place.  However, you will be able to reapply for CJSF the following semester.

CJSF Director

Kennealy, Lisa

Community Service Opportunities

Community Service opportunities will be shared here when received by the community. 


Boy Scouts & Girl Scouts offer an abundance of opportunities to help our local community, and beyond, and build leadership skills. It's not too late to join these organizations.

  • If you are interested in joining Girl Scouts, please see Mrs. Pospisil, our librarian for more information.
  • If you are interested in joining Boy Scouts, please see Mrs. Kennealy for more information. 





Are you interested in being a CJSF club officer next school year? As a CJSF Club officer you must be available, before/after school and at lunch various times during the school year.  Students seeking CJSF office must be a current 7th grader and have qualified for CJSF Fall 2017 and Spring 2018.


The official announcement of CJSF officers will be posted on the CJSF website after final grades have been submitted (around June 7, 2018). The first five complete and qualified applications for each category (President, Vice President, Secretary, Treasurer) will be accepted for the election, first come, first served or no later than 2:50 pm, Friday, May 4, 2017.



CJSF honor members of distinction will complete 20 hours of  qualified community service during their 8th grade year prior to April 13th. 


Community service logs are due no later than 2:50 pm on April 13 to room 53 or the Student Office. 


Late logs will not be accepted. 


Scholarship Opportunities

CJSF Marian Huhn Award 

Congratulations Jocelyn

for being awarded the 2018 Marian Huhn Award
at the California Junior Scholarship Federation Regional Conference in March