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CAASPP Information Spring 2018

From April 26 to May 18, students in grades 3 - 8 will participate in the CAASPP (California Assessment of Student Performance and Progress).  CASSPP consists of the following:

  • CAST (California Science Tests) which will be given to students in grades 5 and 8 and
  • SBAC (Smarter Balanced Assessments) which will be given to students in grades 3 through 8 in English language arts/literacy (ELA) and Mathematics. 
  • Students who have the most significant cognitive disabilities, as designated in their active individualized education program, are eligible to take the California Alternative Assessments (CAAs).


The State of California requires that 95% or greater of our students participate in the state tests. More information on CAASPP can be found at http://www.smarterbalanced.org/parents/

You can look at sample test questions on the practice tests, which can be found on the CAASPP Web Portal at http://www.caaspp.org/practice-and-training/index.html.

Adams Employees of the year!!

Mrs. Wendy McAuley

Classified Employee of the Year

--Wendy is an instrumental agent of positive and truly substantive change at AMS and fully understands the importance of her role within the organization. She is a top-tier secretary operating at an extraordinarily high level. She works to ensure that the entire school runs smoothly and with great precision and efficiency. Wendy is the “first face” of the organization and always presents a friendly and professional presence in the office. She greets all with a warm smile in the morning and engages with people in a genuine fashion.

--Wendy has turned her eye to fine-tuning the day-to-day systems at AMS. She is detail-oriented and efficient in all manner of things, pursuing even greater precision and performance in the execution of her day-to-day secretarial functions. She makes difficult tasks easier. Wendy makes room for others to contribute to the efforts to sharpen and improve the ways we do business and she makes sure they feel supported and appreciated.

--Wendy is always calm and professional in her interactions with students and parents and public. She has that unique ability to remain calm and collected in situations that cause others anxiety. She can defuse anger, relieve anxiety, erase confusion, comfort sadness, and celebrate excitement. She is an integral part of the front office team and a large reason for their success.

--Our front office changed dramatically when Wendy joined our site. She has transformed the experience for staff, students, and families by being kind and supportive and absolutely amazing in the execution of her duties. She is always willing to listen and help and our staff and parent community lean on her. We are a better organization because of Wendy McAuley. She has earned the respect and admiration of the AMS community.

Mrs. Shannon Sund

Certificated Employee of the Year

--Shannon Sund is a Language Arts teacher of exceptional talent and drive. She truly embraces change, throwing herself full-tilt at emerging instructional strategies, always with the goal of developing a level of proficiency that can serve as a model for others. She pursues collaborative relationships, carving out time to engage in meaningful work together.

--Shannon has a thirst for innovation. Her professional library is impressive and she is constantly seeking opportunities to grow by assuming leadership roles like serving on the built-in intervention developmental team, finding district committees to serve on like the grading and reporting task force and the collaborative conversation committee, and attending conferences like PLCs At Work with Dufour and RTI with Mattos.

--In the last two years alone, she has been a part the conversation and movement in the areas of professional learning community, identification of essential standards, mapping weekly learning targets, collaborative learning cycles, social learning constructs, cross-curricular literacy instruction, response to intervention, instructional resource adoption, and many more. She is the model of a reflective teacher.

--Shannon believes all kids can learn and has fully embraced the “all means all” mission and vision of our school, choosing to champion at-risk readers by serving on the committee to develop the systems that underpin a built-in intervention period. She believes that less really is more and that pushing students to greater depth not breadth will result in more substantive student learning.

--Shannon believes in partnering with students in their learning, first as a model of the thinking she asks them to embrace, then as a guide as they ease into that thinking, finally as a cheerleader as they pull away and execute that thinking on their own or in collaborative constructs. Shannon believes in building a deep rapport with students, creating the kind of classroom safety needed for students to be fearless learners.

--Shannon is a “game-changer” at our site. She desperately wants to see PLC culture embraced as a way of professional life at AMS and she is working diligently to that end. She is an innovative and dedicated and reflective teacher and a credit to her profession. She loves children and cherishes the role she plays in their lives. Our students are the primary beneficiaries of her passion and her talents.

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Adams Middle School is honored to be named a California Gold Ribbon School and has been given the prestigious California Exemplary Arts Education Program Award by the State of California.

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