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Actors In Motion

Welcome to AIM - Actors in Motion - Adams Middle School Drama Club

Welcome to Actors in Motion Drama Club!  All Adams Students 6th - 8th graders may join our club. 


This year your officers are:

Your Executive Committee/JITS Council 

President:  Rachael

Vice President: Zaydhen

Secretary:  Samara 

Treasurer:  Jack F.


Club Officers

Asst. Tech Director:  Seth

Stage/Sets Manager: Koen

Back Stage Manager: Anabella

Front of House Manager: Ryann

Publicity/Marketing Manager:  Arabella

Social Chair/Volunteer Coordinator: Harrison


Upcoming Meetings/Activities/Dates:


Quarter 2 - 3 Quarter - AIM Meetings

AIM Meetings (Everyone Welcome) - Actors in Motion Drama Club Meeting in room 53 from 2:45 - 3:30 pm

  • Tuesday, November 6 
  • Tuesday, December 4
  • Monday, December 17 - Holiday Party 2:45 - 3:45 pm in the theater
  • Tuesday, January 15
  • Tuesday, January 29

Quarter 2 - 3 Quarter - Improvisation Enrichment Class 

  • Space is limited and sign-ups will close when filled. 
  • Pre-sign up is required:  Here is the link  
  • Please sign up only if you are going to attend each week.
  • The class will be held from 3:30-4:30 pm on the following dates in Room 53. 
  • Tuesday, November 6 
  • Tuesday, November 13
  • Tuesday, November 27
  • Tuesday, December 4
  • Friday, December 7 at 7:00 pm (optional) ** meet at Heritage for HHS Improv Show - Tickets are $7 cash at the door (bring your friends and family)
  • ** no Improv after December 4 through the end of the quarter. 
  • Tuesday, January 15 
  • Tuesday, January 22   
  • Friday, January 25 at 7:00 pm (optional) ** meet at Heritage for HHS Improv Show - Tickets are $7 cash at the door (bring your friends and family)
  • Tuesday, January 29  
  • Friday, February 1 - Improv Showcase 3:30-4:30 pm in the theater (call time 2:45 pm in room 53)

Quarter 2 - 3 - "CyberMare"
8th Grade Community Service & HHS Scholarship Fundraising Project

The 8th graders in AIM will be completing a group community service project this year by putting on a play for the 7th grade periods 2/4 elective wheel students on Thursday and Friday, January 17 and 18th (students will be missing periods 1-4  both days).  They will also perform it to the public for two shows on Friday, January 18th only where all proceeds will go toward the HHS AIM scholarship fund.  This is a student run production with student directors.   


ACTOR APPLICATIONS ARE ONLY OPEN TO AMS 8TH GRADERS. IF WE HAVE ADDITIONAL SPACES AVAILABLE, WE WILL OPEN TO 6TH & 7TH GRADERS.  Production team applications will be available after Thanksgiving break. Please only sign up if you are able to make a commitment to the B-lunch rehearsals on Mondays, after school rehearsals on Thursdays, and all four performances.  Students with behavioral issues (referral or suspension),  2 or more D's or 1 or more F's will be excused from the production. 


Show Synopsis:  Today’s kids wander a vast new frontier with much uncharted territory:  Cyberspace.  From the comfort of their own homes, they open the door to hidden dangers every time they enter a chat room, post a photo online or even send an email.  In a series of true-to-life vignettes, Cyber-mare explores various scenarios that can lead to trouble on the Internet.  Whether it’s a cyber-bully assuming a victim’s identity through their email address, someone mass-forwarding an embarrassing picture or a stalker posing as a peer, each vignette is a wake-up call that will give everyone something to think about next time they log on or send a text message.


Space in this production is limited and casting is not guaranteed. If chosen to participate in this production student and parent will complete the contract no later than Thursday, November 15. Application for this production is available at this link and is due no later than 12:00 noon on Thursday, November 8 or when the production is filled (limited spaces are available):


"CyberMare" Rehearsals November 8 - January, 17 (Directors & Actors only)

  ** no rehearsals the last week of Quarter 2

  -  Mondays during Lunch B meet in Room 53

  -  Thursdays after school from 2:45 - 3:45 pm meet in Room 53

  -  MANDATORY Dress Rehearsal on Thursday, January 10 from 3:00-5:30 pm meet in Room 53 

Tech Crew - *** Applications will be available after Thanksgiving break

-  Dress Rehearsal on Thursday, January 10 from 3:00-5:30 pm

Performances (Cast & Crew)

-  7th-grade Wheel 2nd & 4th period on January 17 & 18

-  Friday, January 18 at 3:00 pm and 7:00 pm ($3 student/staff & $5 adult -donation)


Quarter 3-4 - Spring Production - "Annie Jr."

  • Tuesday, February 5 - Annie Jr. information meeting & audition workshop 3:00 - 4:00 pm in the theater.  Application packets and audition information will be available on the AIM web page after you return from Winter break in January so you can begin preparing your monologues and song. 
  • Auditions week of  February 12-15; Cast list posted by 6:00 pm on February 16 on Canvas
  • Mandatory Cast meeting and read through February 21 & 22
  • Tech Crew applications due Thursday, February 21st; Tech Crew list posted February 22nd (one sound crew member, Stage Manager & Asst Tech Director must present at ALL rehearsals)
  • Rehearsals begin the week of March 4 and be held daily after school until 5:00 pm on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays & Fridays
  • No rehearsals during Spring Break 
  • Show dates will be in May.


*** AMS Teachers, Parents/Grandparents & Teen Mentors, please email me if you would like to get involved: We will have two productions this year (Haunted House & Annie Jr.), an 8th-grade community service/fundraising project, and there are a lot of opportunities to get involved this year.  

AIM Meeting Minutes/Notes

August 6 Meeting Notes 

Wednesday, August 22 - AIM Information & Haunted House Meeting Notes

Tuesday, November 6 - AIM Meeting Notes

Tuesday, December 3 - AIM Meeting Notes

NOTE:  You must log in to your BUSD Google Account to access notes





AIM Director
Contact D. Bullington  D. Bullington ex: 4401 Science & Wood Shop Teacher
Contact L. Kennealy  L. Kennealy ex: 4453 Drama, Creative Dramatics & Computer Science Teacher

AIM Text Reminders

To subscribe to AIM-Actors in Motion club text reminder service: or text @amsaim to 81010

Junior International Thespian Society - JITS

Since 1929 the International Thespian Society, the student honorary division of the Educational Theatre Association, has worked to promote theatre arts in education. The organization is named for Thespis, the Greek who, according to legend, stepped out from the chorus and became the first actor.


Students become members by earning points for their work. Junior Thespian membership is granted for the performance of meritorious work in theatre arts that meets the International Thespian Society’s guidelines. Points are earned for hours spent in rehearsal and performance, working on production crews, working in the box office, doing committee work, and helping with Junior Thespian projects. Just as points can be earned in many different areas of the theatre, theatre provides many different areas of learning. Not only does theatre serve as a bridge that connects to the other fine arts disciplines of dance, music, and painting, but also into such areas as history, literature, science, math, psychology, home economics, drafting, industrial arts, marketing, computer science, and others. Theatre also stimulates creativity and problem-solving skills. Involvement in theatre builds confidence in students, and it enhances students’ abilities to work in groups toward a common goal. Theatre helps students develop self-discipline and encourages commitment to a cause. For some, theatre could provide a career path; however, for most, it is a creative and social outlet. It makes no difference: for the student, theatre in school is an enormously valuable experience.



Recommended Junior Thespian Point Awards
The chart below provides a quick and easy way to calculate points. Numbers indicate the recommended maximum point awards for the duties listed. Troupe directors should use their discretion in awarding points—from zero to the maximum—according to the caliber of effort and work, and they may award up to two additional points for any task performed with exceptional merit.

Guidelines for awarding of Junior Thespian points

  • The minimum eligibility requirement for Junior Thespian induction is fifty hours of quality work in theatre arts and related disciplines.
  • One Junior Thespian point represents approximately five hours of quality work. Use this formula to award points for duties that aren’t listed. Performing arts schools and others with mandatory participation may choose to change that to ten hours or more to avoid point inflation and maintain the honorary nature of induction in that setting.
  • Inductees must earn ten points, five of which should be for work done at the school where they will be inducted.
  • Junior Thespians moving to other affiliated middle or junior high schools are entitled to transfer their memberships. Transferring Junior Thespians bring a minimum of ten Junior Thespian points with them to the new school. See the Junior Thespian Troupe Handbook for details.
  • Induction points should be earned through participation in at least two productions, whether formally staged or informal class presentations.
  • Induction points should be earned in at least two of the listed categories, for example, acting and production.
  • Inducted Junior Thespians automatically begin their high school careers with half of the points needed for high school Thespian induction (normally five of the ten induction points required). See the Junior Thespian Troupe Handbook for details.
  • Students may earn up to five points toward induction through participation at the elementary school level; in community, children’s, or professional theatre; or in other activities in the performing arts. They may earn additional points after induction at the troupe director’s discretion and upon verification of participation.

    Recommended Junior Thespian Point Awards

    The International Thespian Society recognizes that middle school theatre programs vary widely in scope and structure. The recommended Junior Thespian point awards listed below are provided for schools with curricular and/or extracurricular programs that offer a wide range of opportunities for their students. Often these include formally staged productions before a traditional audience. Some middle school theatre programs are less formal in nature and focus on class presentations, projects, and exercises rather than fully mounted productions. Troupes with this form of program may find it easier to award points on an hourly basis (one point per five hours of excellent work) rather than use the recommended point awards provided below.


  • Junior Thespian membership will be made available on an equitable basis to all students who qualify. No student will be elected into the Society; and peers may not have a role in awarding points or deciding induction eligibility.