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We expect students to understand the importance of their education and to demonstrate that understanding by working to miss no more than ten days of school each year. Research shows that regular attendance is a huge factor in school success. While students are on campus, we expect them to move quickly from class to class so they arrive to each period on-time and ready to learn. We know students who attend 95% of the school days and get to class on-time are much more likely to be successful. 



If your student is absent, their parent/guardian must report their absence within three days. You can report your absence in the following ways:  

  1. Call the Student Office at (925)-513-6451  

  2. Go online to the AMS webpage and click on the “Attendance Survey” icon on the right-hand side of the homepage. Complete the form and submit.  

  3. Bring in a note from a parent/guardian stating the reason for the absence  You may also email notes to Mrs. Rios at  


When students are frequently absent, we may require a doctor’s note stating the medical reason for the absences. If you can’t provide sufficient reason for frequent or excessive absences students may be referred to the School Attendance Review Board (SARB) through the Contra Costa County Office of Education for truancy. 


Students may request to collect homework for an absence that will last more than one day by contacting your teachers. Most teachers post their assignments for the day or week on the Canvas page, which is a great way to get their missing work. 


Illness or Appointment During the School Day

If students become ill during the school day or have to leave the campus for any reason, they  report to the Student Office to sign out. If s student leaves and returns to school the same day (for a doctor’s appointment, etc), they must sign in at the Student Office before going back to class. Only a legal guardian can authorize an adult listed on the emergency form to pick up a student from school. This must be verified with the office. 


Unexcused vs. Excused Absences

California Education Code allows excused absences for the following five reasons:

The following are examples of unexcused absences:

  1. Illness

  2. Medical, dental, eye appointments 

  3. Quarantine

  4. Funeral services for an immediate family member

  5. Court ordered appearances

  • Vacations

  • Visiting relatives

  • Car trouble

  • Family moving

  • Student’s birthday

  • Child care by student at home

  • Oversleeping 


Site-Based Independent Study

Students may submit an application for Site-Based Independent Study for planned absences up to 14 school days. Applications are available in the Student Office. Completed applications must be submitted to the Student Office at least 5 days before the first school day of the planned absence.  



We ask that students arrive to class on time each period. Tardies create a disruption to the classroom-learning environment and to your student’s academic engagement and success. If students are tardy, they will be required to serve a fifteen minute lunchtime detention at the next available lunch period. 


Students who receive three or more tardies in a week, you will be assigned Friday school and be required to stay after school on Friday from 2:50 - 3:50pm. If you receive 10 or more tardies, you will be placed on the non-activities list and will not be able to attend school events like dances or end of the year field trips. 


Lunch and Other Deliveries 

We ask that adults: 

  1. Only deliver lunch for their own student, not for a group of students

  2. Contact the office prior to delivery by an outside agency/service

  3. Only make deliveries to the front office. 


We ask students to pick up lunch deliveries from the student office only during their assigned lunch - not during class time. Additionally, we ask that items such as balloons for birthdays not be brought to school as this causes a disruption.