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Staff Directory

Welcome to the Adams Middle School Staff Page.  Below you can click on the envelope icon to email any teacher or click on their name (if highlighted in blue) to access their webpage.

Contact T. Agustin  T. Agustin ex: 4450 Math
Contact K. Bartling  K. Bartling ex: 4418 Math/Sci 6
Contact M. Blasingame  M. Blasingame ex: 4426 Digital Arts, Video Productions, Yearbook & Computer Science 8
Contact L. Brainerd  L. Brainerd ex: 4427 Spanish
Contact B. Brown  B. Brown ex: 4444 Language Arts
Contact D. Bullington  D. Bullington ex: 4401 Science & Wood Shop
Contact H. Calaway  H. Calaway ex: 4423 ISP
Contact C. Carman  C. Carman ex: 4437 Social Studies
Contact N. Coplan  N. Coplan ex: 4419 Math/Sci 6
Contact J. Dalldorf  J. Dalldorf ex: 4408 Health
Contact E. Dodson  E. Dodson ex: 4407 ISP
Contact K. Eelsing  K. Eelsing ex: 4442 Language Arts
Contact A. Elseth  A. Elseth ex: 4434 SPED
Contact K. Fallon  K. Fallon ex: 4452 Band & Creative Dramatics
Contact J. Foreman  J. Foreman ex: 4425 Science
Contact Ke. Fujinaga  Ke. Fujinaga ex: 4446 Math
Contact S. Grewal  S. Grewal ex: 4415 LA/SS
Contact L. Griggs  L. Griggs 5136450 Vice Principal
Contact D. Harrell  D. Harrell ex: 4483 Counselor
Contact S. Helms  S. Helms ex: 4414 LA/SS 6
Contact D. Henry  D. Henry ex: 4412 LA/SS
Contact L. Heule  L. Heule ex: 4413 LA/SS
Contact E. Hulstrom  E. Hulstrom ex: 4406 ISP
Contact K. Humann  K. Humann ex: 4434 SPED
Contact L. Kennealy  L. Kennealy ex: 4453 Drama, Creative Dramatics & Computer Science
Contact C. Martin  C. Martin Teacher
Contact W. McAuley  W. McAuley 5136450 Front Office
Contact S. McCurdy  S. McCurdy ex: 4420 Math/Sci 6
Contact D. McKnight  D. McKnight ex: 4429 Science
Contact D. Mendez  D. Mendez ex: 4416 Math/Sci 6
Contact S. Migay  S. Migay ex: 4560 Physical Education
Contact B. Pavluk  B. Pavluk ex: 4424 Science
Contact J. Pospisil  J. Pospisil ex: 4480 Library
Contact A. Radabaugh  A. Radabaugh ex: 4441 Language Arts
Contact N. Reyburn  N. Reyburn ex: 4445 Language Arts
Contact A. Richman  A. Richman ex: 4433 SPED
Contact B. Rios  B. Rios 5136450 Student Office
Contact S. Sain  S. Sain ex: 4448 Math
Contact P. Shirley  P. Shirley ex: 4560 Physical Education
Contact D. Silvers  D. Silvers ex: 4405 Read 180
Contact Ke. Simpson  Ke. Simpson ex: 4561 Physical Education
Contact P. Slay  P. Slay ex: 4421 Math/Sci/LA/SS 6
Contact D. Spencer  D. Spencer ex: 4439 Social Studies
Contact L. Streator  L. Streator ex: 4436 Social Studies
Contact A. Strong  A. Strong 5136450 Vice Principal
Contact K. Sudweeks  K. Sudweeks ex: 4449 Math
Contact S. Sund  S. Sund ex: 4443 Language Arts
Contact L. Thompson  L. Thompson ex: 4447 Math
Contact J. Thornhill  J. Thornhill ex: 4430 Science
Contact T. Thornhill  T. Thornhill ex: 4403 Art, Home Ec, & ASB
Contact H. Tomas  H. Tomas ex: 4435 Social Studies & ELD
Contact C. Trop  C. Trop ex: 4438 Social Studies
Contact L. Tullis  L. Tullis ex: 6458 Food Services
Contact T. Varnum  T. Varnum ex: 4461 Physical Education
Contact K. Weber  K. Weber 5136450 Front Office
Contact A. Wheeler  A. Wheeler ex: 4417 Math/Sci 6
Contact M. Wood  M. Wood 5136450 Principal
Contact H. Young  H. Young ex: 4410 LA/SS 6