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Staff Directory

District Email follows the following format:

First Initial Last 

The only exceptions are

Mr. Fuj (kefujinaga), Ms. Humann (kahumann), & Mrs. Simpson (kesimpson)


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  T. Agustin ex: 4450 Math
  K. Bartling ex: 4418 Math/Sci 6
  M. Blasingame ex: 4426 Digital Arts, Video Productions, Yearbook & Computer Science 8
  L. Brainerd ex: 4427 Spanish
  K. Brassart ex: 4412 LA/SS 6
  B. Brown ex: 4444 Language Arts
  D. Bullington ex: 4401 Science & Wood Shop
  H. Calaway ex: 4423 ISP
  C. Carman ex: 4437 Social Studies
  N. Coplan ex: 4419 Math/Sci 6
  J. Dalldorf ex: 4408 Health
  E. Dodson ex: 4407 ISP
  K. Eelsing ex: 4442 Language Arts
  K. Fallon ex: 4452 Band & Creative Dramatics
  J. Foreman ex: 4425 Science
  Ke. Fujinaga ex: 4446 Math
  Mrs. Fujinaga ex: 4447 Teacher
  L. Griggs (925) 513-6450 Principal
  D. Harrell ex: 4483 Counselor
  K. Humann ex: 4434 SPED
  S. McCurdy ex: 4420 Math/Sci 6
  D. McKnight ex: 4429 Science
  D. Mendez ex: 4453 Drama/Creative Dramatics/Intro to Leadership
  S. Migay ex: 4560 Physical Education
  J. Mijares ex: 4560 Teacher
  K. Penner ex: 4416 Teacher
  K. Penso ex: 4415 6th ELA/SS
  A. Perez (Ryan) ex: 4417 6th Math/Science
  S. Peterson ex: 4406 Teacher
  J. Pospisil (925) 513-6450 ex: 4480 Library
  A. Radabaugh ex: 4441 Language Arts
  J. Reed ex: 4405 Teacher
  N. Reyburn ex: 4445 Language Arts
  B. Rios (925) 513-6450 Student Office
  Ke. Simpson ex: 4561 Physical Education
  D. Spencer ex: 4439 Social Studies
  L. Streator ex: 4436 Social Studies
  A. Strong (925) 513-6450 Vice Principal
  K. Sudweeks ex: 4449 Math
  S. Sund ex: 4443 Language Arts
  J. Thornhill ex: 4430 Science
  T. Thornhill ex: 4403 Art, Home Ec, & ASB
  C. Trop ex: 4438 Social Studies
  L. Tullis ex: 6458 Food Services
  T. Varnum ex: 4461 Physical Education
  Z Waziri ex: 4482 Intervention Counselor
  K. Weber (925) 513-6450 Front Office
  J. Weston ex: 4410 Teacher
  A. Wheeler (925) 513-6450 Vice Principal